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What is a VoIP telephone system?

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that converts your communications into a digital signal, meaning that it can be sent via the internet. In short, VOIP allows you to use your phone via the internet and not your typical cabled phone system. Also known as IP Telephony or internet calling, VOIP is a fantastic alternative to a PSTN ( Public Switched Telephone Network )

How Does VoIP work?

A regular phone system would have a traditional telephony infrastructure and would run through an established cabling network, allowing you phone call to be delivered to the correct phone number. 

With VoIP, your voice is compacted into digital packets which are then sent over the internet. These data packets and handled by “codecs” which can either by physical devices or software bases systems such as our Cloud Connex System. 

This is then sent to the receiver, whether this is a traditional phone line or another VOIP system and decoded back into audio signals. 

A software-based VoIP System is very much like a traditional telephone system, allowing you to make calls, take voicemails, have a call routing system for your business. 

Mobile Communications with VOIP

Using a VoIP telephone system give you a wide range of freedom in terms of where the phone system will work. With a traditional phone line, it means it can only be used where the line is installed. A VoIP phone system allows you to move the phone system and allows you to access it from any internet connection.

This has proved extremely handy for many of our clients during COVID-19 and has allowed their business to operate as close to normal as possible whilst staff work from home.

The Cloud Connex phone system has allowed them to form a phone network, some with up to 200 users which allows them to communicate as is they were in the office.

With specifically designed call forwarding & routing, call monitoring and call conferencing the cloud connex system has allowed businesses to work from home as efficiently as possible. As well as this, cloud systems allow you to be able to divert landline calls to mobile phones, meaning you can reduce the expense and cost of having a handset for all staff.

Call monitoring and routing also allows management within the business to monitor staff, ensuring they are fulfilling their work duties and monitoring their activity to make sure they are providing the highest level of customer service.

Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP

There are many advantages to a VoIP phone system such as:

Advantages of VoIP

Lower Cost – a VoIP system is typically cheaper long-term than a traditional phone system. 

Higher Quality Sound – VoIP typically has higher quality audio. It is less muffled & fuzzy. 

Access for remote workers – VoIP has helped many businesses cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It has allowed staff to work from home whilst still being able to communicate freely with team members and customers. 

Additional features – There are many additional features to a VoIP phone system such as call monitoring, call recording, call queues, call routing and forwarding and much more. 

Disadvantages of VoIP 

There are only a few disadvantages to VoIP. 

• Not all VoIP systems can connect with the emergency services. 

• VoIP requires a high-speed internet connection to operate successfully. 

• Service will not work during a power cut

Voip Phone Systems Manchester & Lancashire

At PA Comms we have designed and built our own, bespoke VoIP phone system called Cloud Connex, Cloud connex has been design using over 30 years worth of telephony experience and features many of our most highly requested features such as call monitoring, call forwarding, call routing and much more. If you’re a business or you wish to use VoIP as your phone system then contact us to find out more information. 

We cover Lancashire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside, If you have a business looking for professional telephony then please get in touch. 

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