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At P A Communications all our maintenance customers that have telephone systems enabled for remote monitoring have their systems monitored 24/7 for any faults that may occur. Our systems will alert us if your communications platform has any issues that could interfere with normal operation.

Most faults can be cleared by remote diagnostics before the client even becomes aware that they had an issue. The long term goal is to cut down on engineering site visits which save you money, time and carbon footprint.

The other major benefit of having your system covered by our remote monitoring service is that any small changes that you require can be done without ever needing to attend site which again cuts down on overall maintenance costs, helps your company go green and save fuel and time.

Clients that have our annual maintenance contract in place also get the benefit of 12 FREE remote changes per annum. This can be anything from changing an extension name to reprogramming the incoming ring groups  etc.

To enquire about the remote diagnostics service or to enquire about maintenance please contact us on 0800 027 7700 or email

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