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Cable Installation & Management

P A Communications offer a full cabling and infrastructure service.

We carry out installations in Category 5e and 6 structured cabling systems, and standard 1308 telephone cabling.

We also have a specialised optical fibre division who will plan, install, terminate and test a high speed optical fibre network backbone for your site.

The advantages of a high speed optical fibre network coupled with category 5e or 6 are way ahead of the older traditional data cabling systems, coping with network speeds above and beyond the standard.

Category 5e and 6 is not just for your PC data network. Both your PC’s and telephone system can run over one high speed cabling system.

All cabling and testing is carried out by our highly trained technical team with over 25 years experience in the field. We guarantee you wont find a better service!

At P A Communications we are also proud to be Home Office Approved Data Cabling Installers

Types of Network Cabling

1308 sandard telephone cabling is the type of cabling that is usually installed in older buildings or in residential homes. It is still used in situations where the telephone system is not installed alongside data cabling or the system is not suitable to be installed using data cabling systems.

P A Communications can install a standard 1308 cabling system for your telephone system and / or telephone lines using high quality telecommunications cable.

1308 telephone cables are suitable for outdoor and indoor installations where an armoured cable is not necessary.

They offer a lightweight, compact, tough solution for cables that need to endure a variety of weather conditions, from rain or snow to bright sunlight. The 1308 cable is ideal for clipping around the outside of a building or running through ducting or internal. The outer sheath is made from tough, durable polyethylene which is UV and sunlight resistant.


P A Communications are specialists in the design, installation, testing, certification and repair of all types of data cabling. Cat5 cabling, otherwise know as data cabling, voice cabling and structured cabling, is suitable for computer data, telephony, audio and visual communications.

A small investment in a cabling upgrade is likely to reap a big return on investment terms of speed and resulting efficiency. As part of our complete service and for your convenience, P A Communications can work in partnership with your IT system installation and support companies.

Our fully guaranteed, high quality Cat5e copper cabling is reliable, safe and offers the high capacity data transfer a network depends on for efficient performance. P A Communications are approved installers of HellermannTyton, Excel and Draka Data Products, all of which carry a minimum of 15 year product warranty.

Category 5e can drastically reduce the installation costs of your IT and communications systems as both can use the same cabling system, it can also reduce long term costs as relocating phones, computer terminals and peripherals can be carried out by the end user, this cuts down on service costs and helps your company and ours stay green.

To enquire about a structured cat5e data network please call 0800 027 7700, we can arrange a FREE site survey to asses your needs.

P A Communications are home office approved data cabling installers.

Category 6 data cabling is not unlike category 5e, the cable itself has some extra features that cat5e does not include. Features such as shielding and higher quality copper cores, this means that the overall speed of category 6 cabling is higher than that of cat5e.

Most companies are happy to use cat5e and it is still the standard in most cases, where category 6 comes into its own is in high bandwidth environments such as video conferencing, high speed mac networks and noisy industrial applications due to its extra shielding.

P A Communications are fully qualified to install, test, certify and maintain category 6 networks and peripherals.

What is Cat6?

A Cat6 cabling system is higher performance than Cat5 (500MHz v 250MHz) and designed to support 10GBase-T over the full 100 metre, 4 connector channel. Cat6 uses 4-pair twisted cables and will typically use RJ45 connectors. It is backwards compatible with Cat5 and Cat5e. TIA Cat6 and the corresponding ISO/IEC Class EA standards were ratified in 2008.

What is 10GBase-T?

10GBase-T is the new IEEE Ethernet standard for running 10 Gigabit (10GBits/sec) over a suitable twisted pair copper cable of up to 100 meters. It is ten times faster than 1000Base-T and one hundred times faster than 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet).

Thinking of buying a new telephone system?

Whether you’re looking for a new business telephone system installation or you’re looking to upgrade your current system then P A Communications can help you