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CAT5 & CAT6 Structured Network Cabling

At PA Comms we provide a full service for cabling installation & management including the installation of network boxes, trunking, cable management systems and much more.

We carry out the installation of CAT5 & CAT6 structured cabling, Patch leads, CAT5e Patching Panels, CAT6 Patch leads & patching panels as well as wall-mounted cabinets and larger floor cabinets for professional cable and data management.

As well as installing telephone network cabling we also have a specialist fibre optic division responsible for the planning, installation and testing of high-speed fibre optic networks within your property or business premises.

With the evolution of technology & business, data transfer is at an all-time high, coupled with the development and growth of VoIP & Cloud bases telephone systems having fast & reliable broadband & wifi is now considered essential in many businesses.

This is why having high-speed network cablings such as CAT5, CAT6 or CAT7 is extremely important as older, traditional copper cabling won’t be able to handle increasing data speeds.

CAT5 & CAT6 network cabling can’t just be used for internet, wifi or a PC Data network but it is also now being used a lot more for telephone systems & office phone systems due to the continuous shift towards VoIP & Cloud-based phone systems.

All cabling design, installation & testing is carried out by our highly trained & experienced telephony technicians, with over 25+ years of experience within the industry we’re confident you won’t find a better service.

We’re also proud to be Home Office Approved data cabling installers.

Types of Network Cabling

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