CCTV Security System Installers

We provide the professional design & installation of CCTV systems for  businesses & residential properties. We work with businesses throughout the North-West, Cheshire & North-Wales.


CCTV For Businesses

As part of our efforts to make PA Communications the only company you ever need to call we have now included CCTV in our portfolio. We supply, install and maintain a wide range of CCTV systems that help to make your business and premises more secure.

Whether you’re looking for security systems for commercial purposes or domestic, JMC Secure will have the right product for you. We’re proud to offer an extensive range of products, from wireless CCTV cameras and recorders to spy cameras and accessories.

Security Solutions

We work with manufacturers and suppliers of security solutions from all over the world, so we can provide you with the best surveillance systems at the cheapest prices. We offer an extensive range of products. 

This is a great development with CCTV – “remote viewing” (or networking as it’s often called) – basically all of our systems (including SD CCTV, HD SDI & our IP CCTV Systems) come with the ability to log into them and view them remotely over the internet, whether that be from a computer with an internet connection, or even your smart phone while you are out and about.

We get asked this all the time, its very difficult to say – but of course we are happy to advise. Basically your budget will determine what format you can afford. Once you know your budget, decide how many cameras you want, and look through our site and see what systems fit within said budget.

Once you have a few options – we consider the most important factor the resolution, and of course the higher the resolution the better quality image your CCTV system will produce, so the better chance of capturing the required detail on that all important image.

About The CCTV We Offer

CCTV has been around for decades, initially it was only for banks or large corporate security but over time prices have decreased to the point where CCTV systems are now afforable for many. Now with high demand, technologies within the CCTV industry have took huge leaps over the past 10 years, we now have high definition CCTV cameras available in two formats – HD SDI CCTV or IP CCTV.

HD SDI CCTV is available in 720P & 1080P resolutions (FYI here at JMC we only sell the 1080P version). HD-SDI was invented to replace analogue CCTV, it still uses the same coax cable – so is an ideal option for anyone looking to replace an old system, if your cable is good quality RG59 coax cable you will be able to use this with the HD-SDI Cameras / Recorder.

IP CCTV is very different, it uses Ethernet cable and runs over your network. It has numerous resolutions available from standard definition to 1080P – AND even higher. IP Cameras are almost limitless in their resolutions – from a cost effective point of view we currently sell IP Cameras with a maximum resolution of 5.0 Megapixels, that’s more than twice the resolution of 1080P!

Obviously these premium resolutions come with increased prices, so we still sell SD CCTV (standard definition / analogue) which has resolutions up to 960H (which works out to about half a megapixel). Its a great choice for anyone on a tight budget

Connecting Your Business To The World & Your Customers!

At PA Communications we help you connect your business with the world! Whether that’s by installing a VoIP system, installing high-speed internet to your business premises, helping you manage your phone systems or installing organised and easily manageable network cabling throughout your business. 

If you would like to find out more information about our services & how we can help your business then contact our team on 01772 760 700 or email

‘Professional from the beginning, first class installation and very helpful and knowledgeable, always there to help when we need them’ Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltd (formerly GMEX)

Steven Bennett Head of IT

‘You and Phil (the whole team I’ve had dealings with to be fair) have been fantastic, thanks to you all for your hard work.

I appreciate the additional bits of coding you have done to make this cloud solution perfect for us’
Rockpoint Leisure Ltd

Stuart Green Managing Director

‘May I say how happy we are & have been with the service from yourselves from the first initial service visit, through sales and to installation today – the quality of service is reflected in the standards of all your staff we have encountered’
LMP Architectural Consultants

James Lawson Network Manager

"We had two different systems in the past from our previous telephone supplier but they would not work together. We were in a bit of a mess as they were unfit for purpose so we knew we had to immediately change that. We contacted PA Communications, having dealt with them in the past, and I knew they delivered excellent customer service. PA are extremely helpful and supportive all hours of the day and night."

Tracey Scott Managing Partner

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