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Call Routing & Business Phone Numbers

Business Numbers including: 01, 02, 0800, 0845, 0870 & 0844

What Is Call Routing?

Call routing is a phone management system that allows you to control the distribution and queuing of your businesses telephone lines. This queue can then be routed to a specific person or department within the business.

Having a correctly set-up and managed call routing system can massively reduce the amount of time wasted re-directing callers to the correct person or department. Improving productivity, the quality of customer service and potentially reducing staffing costs.

There are many different variables that can determine the type of call routing system you may require. Many business phone systems now run using VOIP, meaning it is now easier than ever to tweak and change your call routing system to best suit your needs and requirements.

This could be something so simple as the volume of calls activating your call routing system, the time of day, the department the caller requires or whether an agent is available to speak over the phone.

Common types of call-routing

In larger companies call routing is a great way to improve customer service. Many larger companies use foreign call centres for their customer services. Having a split between the UK and international call-centres is a breeze with call routing. Typically UK based call centres work 9-5, Monday-Friday. A call routing system allows you to easily re-route the calls outside of these hours to the desired location or phone number whilst still keeping the same business contact number.

What is inbound phone number routing?

PA Comms provide a tailor-made call routing system, designed to suit your business. You can access a full range of routing, management and monitoring services with our custom-built PA Cloud Connex business phone system. 

Key Features Include:

Custom call routing

Whatever the size of your business you can select how you want to route your calling. Whether you have an automated welcome that allows the user to select a department or it routes the caller based on the phone number they have called, the PA Connex Cloud System offers fantastic flexibility. 

Improve Caller Experience

Monitoring and managing calls allows you to provide a higher level of customer service. Whether it’s listening back to a conversation with a customer to be able to resolve issues or being able to escalate emergency calls to a higher department, Call routing makes this a breeze.

How do I know what type of call routing I need?

Your required call routing depends on your exact business requirements. If you’re a small business with a few members of staff you may choose to route based on department. This makes it easier for inbound callers to speak to the correct person. 

With a larger call centre, there are many different types of call routing including least occupied routing, skill-based routing, dynamic or service-based routing, value-based routing, data-based routing and more. 

PA Comms will gain an understanding of your business and our expert team can provide recommendations on the best system for your business. The one joy of using a professionally managed telephone systems is the support and scalability. 

Call Recording

Many businesses now use call recording to help monitor calls and improve the quality of service. Being able to go back through 6 months worth of calls, search by contact number allows you to easily review and monitor conversations with customers. 

How does a phone number make my business look more professional?

Many people prefer to use local businesses when possible. Whether this may be a landscaper, plumber, plasterer, builder, hairdressers, food establishment or anything in-between.

Many smaller businesses don’t specifically have an office due to their size or they are required to be out of the office, it is a great idea to have a contact number that is specific for the business and can be forwarded to a mobile phone number. This makes your business seem more professional whilst still allowing you to receive calls to a mobile phone.

Why PA Comms?

At PA Comms we have over 30 years of industry experience. Established in Preston but now working throughout Preston, Lancaster, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Lancashire & Greater Manchester.

We offer a wide range of professional telecoms services including call routing, call management, call recording and full business telephone system installation.

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