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What Is Structured Network Cabling?

The evolution of business & technology has been constant over the last decade, with technology allowing for the production and use of new tools which make businesses more productive, efficient and secure.

Now, when a business or industry is growing rapidly, it must have the technology and network to support its growth.

Structured cabling is a network made up of smaller elements designed to allow you to scale operations with ease.

You can install a structure cabling system throughout large buildings, warehouses, factories, hospitals or campuses to easily expand your network with future growth.

Since the introduction of personal computers, laptops, and VoIP calling, the demand for and requirement for professional network cabling have drastically decreased.

Previously, machines used standard point-to-point connections, meaning that every piece of hardware within an office or business required its own cable, which, as imagined, ran from point to point.

This method is manageable in smaller businesses, but it can be difficult for large corporations with more than five staff members. It leads to a mess of cables and wires that could quite easily be disconnected by mistake and also cause a nightmare for health and safety.

Structured cabling is not just a solution to messy wires and increasing speed and bandwidth demands. It has become an essential tool in the installation and management of a business’s network, instilling confidence in its necessity.

Structured network cabling offers a key benefit that goes beyond the present. It secures your business’s future by enabling the integration of future hardware and the expansion of your operations with ease, providing a sense of security in your business’s adaptability.

Types of Sub-Systems

Entrance Facility – This is the physical point where the telephone company’s wiring ends and our work begins. 

Equipment rooms – Inside a building house equipment such as server/cable racks, internet ports and consolidation points. 

Backbone Cabling — This is the cabling that runs throughout a building or campus, and it makes the whole system possible. 

Horizontal Cabling — Horizontal wiring connects telecom rooms to outlets or working areas within an office or building. This can include ports in the wall or floors. 

Telecoms Rooms – These are the nerve centers of your network. They are the main connection for the backbone cabling & horizontal cabling. These rooms are where everything is managed and organised, ensuring all ports and networks are running smoothly and securely. 

Installing a structured cabling solution is not just about installing components. It’s about meticulously designing and planning the system. Our design process takes into account a multitude of factors such as heating & cooling, airflow, building layouts, accessibility and much more, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution. 

Our team specialise in the installation of network & structured cabling systems; if you’re a business, school or private sector business and want to know more, then please feel free to give us a call. 

Uses Of A Structured Cabling Systems

A structured cabling solution isn’t cheap, but for any growing or large business, it is an essential part of telecoms & communications.

Point-to-point cabling is good for smaller businesses, but it is something that limits potential growth and is something a business will struggle with once its personnel, technology and data requirements increase. On top of this, with point-to-point cabling, it is extremely difficult to find the location of a problem.

By investing in a structured cabling network, you’re not just addressing your current needs, but also preparing for the future. Whether you’re planning to expand your staff, integrate VoIP phones, or install a security system or CCTV, a structured cabling network can accommodate these changes with ease, making your business operations more efficient.

A structured cabling solution supports data, video, voice, and applications you may use in day-to-day business. Because of the design of the data network, your applications can be scaled with ease!

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At PA Communications we help you connect your business with the world! Whether that’s by installing a VoIP system, installing high-speed internet to your business premises, helping you manage your phone systems or installing organised and easily manageable network cabling throughout your business. 

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