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The main advantages of using Wi-Fi technology is the lack of wires. This is a wireless connection that can merge together multiple devices.

A Wi-Fi network is particularly useful in cases where the wiring is not possible or even unacceptable. For example, it is often used in the halls of conferences and international exhibitions. It is ideal for buildings that are considered architectural monuments of history, as it excludes the wiring cables.

Wi-Fi networks are widely used to connect a variety of devices, not only between themselves but also to the Internet. And almost all modern laptops, tablets, and some mobile phones have this feature. It is very convenient and allows you to connect to the internet almost anywhere, not just where the cables are laid. Today, you can access the network, for example, being in the park for a walk across the street or in an airport lounge. The main thing that was available near the point of Wi-Fi.

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