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What is a Cloud Telephone System?

A cloud phone system is a Voice over Internet Programme (VoIP) based telephone platform usually for business use that is hosted by a third-party provider within the cloud usually offsite from your business’ location. Cloud phone systems offer modern telephony features such as; auto attendants, extension dialling and conference bridges as well as more security for your line.

Is a move to the cloud expensive?

No, A move to a cloud-based phone system is almost certainly going to cost less each month than a typical landline service. Savings can be made due to the lack of hardware necessary to establish a connection and there is no maintenance or additional repair fees to factor into your communications budget. Ultimately, it’s almost a guarantee that a cloud-based telephony system will be cheaper for your business.

Will call quality suffer if I move to the Cloud?

In short no, studies and extensive testing over the years have shown that in most cases a cloud-based phone system will have matching call quality to a landline provider and in some cases have even exceeded the quality of a generic landline service. Once a network has been configured properly it will take into account all issues that can arise from normal network elements between your business and your provider ensuring a quality service.

Are cloud telephone systems adaptable?

Yes, a VoIP cloud telephone system is an ideal change of systems for any type or size of enterprise. It’s a perfect adaptation for businesses that have more than one worksite that need to communicate amongst themselves or with external clients. The system is capable of serving anywhere between 1 to 1000 employees and it’s all managed through a user-friendly web interface or application.

Can I integrate a cloud-based phone system into my business?

Yes, because of the diversity of the clouds operating system it can work alongside or within many existing software including businesses that work solely off email communications such as outlook or Gmail. The operating software come with internet and application access that will allow for the recording and storage of phone calls as well as a ‘live listening’ feature which will enable you to monitor live calls between employees and clients. If you do have a company that works solely within email applications a cloud based system could still work for you as they come with a voice to email feature and vice versa.

Can I use Cloud telephones remotely?

Providing you have a working internet connection you can use a cloud-based phone system anywhere. It’s possible to use the phone’s network and make calls anywhere by setting up an IP phone, plugging in to your laptop or if supported by your VoIP provider you can even use a software for your smartphone or device (Often referred to as a softphone). So in summary a cloud-based telephony system is the best way to provide remote access for any of your employees to work from home or even on the go.

Should I put my business’ phone system on to the cloud?

In summary a move to cloud can be quick, simple, cost effective and maintenance free and most businesses all over the globe has been considering the transfer to a cloud telephony system, but after reading this if you are still unsure give us a call to discuss your businesses option or if you already know that the move to a Cloud VoIP is what you want for your business then let our friendly team of experts know on 0800 027 7700.

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