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Medical Centres in Good Health


A series of five medical centres around Carlisle are enjoying a clean bill of communications health thanks to the latest technology from Samsung – where more than half a million telephone calls are received each month. The system was proposed, installed and is managed by Preston-based Comms specialists PA Communications.

Around 37,000 patients are managed by Carlisle Medical Centre, which runs four branch sites across the city, as well as a centralised call centre where all initial calls come in via one centralised number.

The organisation introduced a Samsung SCMC communications platform just over a year ago to become the heart of its communication engine, providing patients with a gateway to medical advice as well as appointment bookings.

Tracey Scott, Managing Partner of Carlisle Healthcare, says the Samsung solution is both flexible and future proof and is spearheading plans to set-up a ‘super medical centre’ in the near future.

“Effective and reliable communication is absolutely essential to us and the near 37,000 patients that we look after,” she explained. “Everything we do is initiated or based around the telephone system. Many consultations take place on the phone especially when people are poorly. We could not operate without it so its importance is vital to ourselves and patient care.

“The Samsung equipment is excellent. Call quality is exceptional and it is very easy to use. I particularly appreciate being able to wander around with my mobile in my pocket and pick up calls direct from the system. Overall it’s superb.”

Tracey emphasised, “We had two different systems in the past from our previous telephone supplier but they couldn’t work together. We were in a bit of a mess as they were unfit for purpose so we knew we had to immediately change that. We contacted PA Comms having dealt with them before and I knew they delivered excellent customer service. PA Comms are extremely helpful and supportive all hours of the day and night.

“One of the reasons we chose the Samsung system is that it will grow with us. We hope to set up a brand new super surgery in the future where the Samsung will grow and move with us.”

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