What is cloud telephony ?

Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephones are popular options for modern businesses, and they can offer huge advantages.

For example, in one survey, businesses who had access to modern phone system features (such as with a Unified Communications solution) reported a 49% increase in productivity.

But buying a VoIP phone system can be challenging.

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The terms Hosted and Cloud are applied to all sorts of services and applications these days its difficult to know what the best options are. Many hosted providers are basically resellers of another larger organisations services, many small companies will resell BT hosted or Virgin hosted systems. In this scenario you are basically sharing a large phone system with thousands of other users and businesses, for some this is a viable option, it has relatively small initial outlay however the rental costs over time can be expensive.

So how do we differ ?

We decided some time ago that we wanted to offer something a little different to the main steam suppliers, we wanted our customers to be in charge of their own system, to actually own something rather that pay out for years and have nothing at the end. So the option we have gone for is to supply a full featured hosted cloud system that YOU own, you do not share anything on the system and have full access to ALL the features from the outset. Many cloud providers start at a very low cost say £5.00 per user, however if you add a voicemail to that it puts the price up, if you want call recording that puts the price up, basically everything is extra so what starts of as a small cost can quickly become very expensive. We do not think thats fair, if you buy your hosted system from us you get everything from the outset including:

 * Premium rate and International not included in call bundles.

We do not charge on a per user scenario you can have as many as you need (subject to broadband speed) we just charge a single monthly hosting fee which includes your calls. There is an initial setup fee which includes your Broadband if needed, handsets and any switches / routers required to complete the install.

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