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Suppliers & Installers of Business Telephone Systems in Manchester, Phone System Maintenance, Cabling Infrastructure, Cloud Phone Systems, WiFi Networks, Mobile Phones, Broadband and Low Cost Calls & Lines throughout Lancashire and the UK.


P A Communications is a leading supplier and installer in the North West for Business Telephone Systems, Calls & Lines, Broadband, Cloud Systems, Structured Cat5 and Cat6 cabling, Optical Fibre, Telephony and Data products. Based in Preston, Lancashire we cater for large, medium and small business throughout the UK.

 Whether its 2 extensions or 2000 we will produce a tailored business telephone system and equipment maintenance portfolio tp meet your needs. We also install & support your IT and computer systems and offer full off site backups and storage. We are the only number you need for Business Telephone Systems in Lancashire.






 We offer System Maintenance, office relocation service, new installs, upgrades and emergency repairs to all makes and models of phone system.

We offer telephone systems from all the major suppliers such as Samsung, Avaya, NEC, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic and Mitel plus we are fully manufacturer trained to install and maintain them.

We have developed and supply our own Business class cloud telephony platform offering all features for a fixed low monthly cost.

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Looking for a new telephone system  ?

We offer new business Telephone systems, maintenance, service and  support though out the UK on a wide range of products from the leading system manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Cisco, NEC, Mitel,  Panasonic and many more.

We offer a complete business Telephone system package, from the structured cabling system to the phone system, lines, maintenance and unified data equipment. We can also upgrade and support your existing phone system and offer a bespoke maintenance package.

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P A Communications supplies, installs and maintains a wide range of phone systems not just in Manchester but nationwide. We supply, install and maintain telephone systems anywhere in the UK.

If you are looking for engineering or maintenance services on a new or existing phone system we can help you.

P A Communications are specialists in making buying your telephone system simple and cost effective.

We know telephones are a vital communication tool, but buying the right business telephone system can be complicated and time consuming without expert advice.

Usually it is a purchase you only need to make every five years, but phone system technology moves on so quickly it can feel like you're starting from scratch every time.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call... It really is just that easy.


The telephone is the most widely used communication device in the world. The world might be able to live without the internet (hypothetically) but no one can replace the unending utility of the phone and how it is imperative for their communication needs. Though there have been many inventions and discoveries in the communication arena, nothing could replace the quintessential phone and the ease of communication that it provides. So much is the popularity and use of voice calling and talking over other modes of communication that most chat softwares have developed the voice chatting application to be in sync with the phone.

The landline or the fixed line system is the oldest kind of phone system which was brought out in the market. The oldest landline systems were the duplex kind of communication systems and offered connectivity through copper wires. A duplex system is where both parties connected on the phone can talk at the same time. The old landline system did not offer anything other than calling facilities and thus offered very primitive systems, thus they were called the Plain Old Telephone Systems or POTS. The more advanced landline systems use the PSTN or the Private Switching Telephone Network to establish connection and offer much more services than the POTS.

The other systems that are present in the world of telephone systems are the mobile telephone systems which offer much more services than the landline phones. The biggest service is that they are mobile and thus offer much better connectivity than the landline phone because you don’t have to be at a certain place only to receive a call but can be anywhere (although there are circle restrictions for mobile phones too). Mobile phones work on radio waves and thus, there are no wires. This eases a lot of logistical issues in the telephone services and provides ease of setting up the telephone systems.

If you are in Preston Northwest UK and want to install telephone systems , check out the internet and find out the prices for installing one at your home or business. Get the one with the best combination of prices and facilities..

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