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1308 standard telephone cabling is the type of cabling that is usually installed in older buildings or in residential homes. It is still used in situations where the telephone system is not installed alongside data cabling or the system is not suitable to be installed using data cabling systems.

P A Communications can install a standard 1308 cabling system for your telephone system and / or telephone lines using high quality telecommunications cable.

1308 telephone cables are suitable for outdoor and indoor nstallations where an armoured cable is not necessary.

They offer a lightweight, compact, tough solution for cables that need to endure a variety of weather conditions, from rain or snow to bright sunlight. The 1308 cable is ideal for clipping around the outside of a building or running through ducting or internal. The outer sheath is made from tough, durable polyethylene which is UV and sunlight resistant.

To enquire about this type of cabling system or to book a survey for your requirements please call 0800 027 7700

1308 Cabling Category 5e Category 6